External Conferences

Go beyond UWMUN

External competitions are a great opportunity to compete with delegates from around the world, debate exciting topics, and win awards for UW!

To express your interest in attending any of the following conferences, or if you have any questions about the conferences or need help deciding which conferences are appropriate for your level of experience, please contact James at external@uwmun.ca. 

Spring Term Conferences

To be announced at a later date...

Fall Term Conferences

Queen's Model United Nations Invitational (QMUNi)

November 16th to 19th | More Information

University of Waterloo Model G20 (UWMG20)

November 9th to 12th | More Information  

What's the process for going to external conferences?

  1. First, you will have to be a member of UWMUN by paying the $5 membership fee.
  2. Then, you will pay UWMUN the cost for the conference you wish to attend and we will register all the UW delegates for the conference.
    • If you decide not to go after you have already paid and we have registered you for the conference, then you must find someone to replace you and get them to pay you, as UWMUN will not be refunding delegates after you have been registered.
    • Transportation and accommodations are up to you if it's not offered by the conference. However, UWMUN may help you coordinate carpools and/or airbnbs if the other delegates attending are interested. 
  3. A few days before the conference, we will hold meetings for all delegates who are attending in order to finalize everything. For each conference, one of the delegates will be chosen as head delegate, to represent UWMUN and be in charge of the delegation at the conference.
  4. Attend the conference and have fun!