External Conferences Hall of Fame

Royal Military College Model United Nations 2017

Max Zwarenstein

Outstanding Delegate | Room Blue Room (Cold War) Committee - Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff

North American Model United Nations 2017

University of Waterloo

Maha Ali Khan

Best Position Paper Award

Max Zwarenstein

Outstanding Delegate | Global War On Terror - Afghani Committee and Advisors

Srdan Đurica

Outstanding Delegate | Special Committee: International Court of Justice

Royal Military College Model United Nations 2016

Max Zwarenstein

Honourable Mention | WW2 Alternate History Committee: The Failure of Operation Overlord - Belgium

North American Model United Nations 2016

University of Waterloo

Best Small Delegation


Simon Van Hoeve

Best Delegate | World Summit - Singapore


Srdan Durica

Outstanding Delegate | Congo Crisis GA - USSR


Saad Ahmed

Honourable Mention | Hellenic Cabinet - Andreas Papastavrou, Permanent Representative to the EU


Max Zwarenstein

Honourable Mention | Kalmar Union - Jon Hallvardson Smør

Harvard National Model United Nations 2016

Ana Krstanovic

Verbal Commendation | World Health Organization - Iceland

Montreal United Nations Conference 2015

Saad Ahmed

Outstanding Delegate | Peacebuilding Commission - African Union

University of Waterloo Model G20 2015 Conference

Fei Wang

Best Delegate | Global Demographic Development - Italy


Sebastian Meissner

Best Delegate | Anti-Corruption Council - Germany


Zaakira Kathrada

Outstanding Delegate | Anti-Corruption Council - Australia


Nicole Salonia

Honourable Mention | Global Demographic Development - United Kingdom


Yussef Ourchane & Reba Nauth

Honourable Mention | Reforming Financial Architecture - IMF

Royal Military College Model United Nations 2015

University of Waterloo

Best Overall Delegation


Srdan Durica

Best Delegate | True North Summit 2050


Christabel Polacco

Outstanding Delegate | Combined Maritime Forces - Diplomatic Envoys

Top Shot | Royal Military College


Emma Pilkington

Outstanding Delegate | Combined Maritime Forces - Military

North American Model United Nations 2015

Mariam Kabli Flifli

Outstanding Delegate | Special Political and Decolonization Committee


Lara Jeftic

Best Position Paper | United Nations Security Council


Andres Perez-Vilarino

Best Position Paper | Fueling the Future: ExxonMobil