In-House Hall of Fame

Winter 2016

Weimar Republic Crisis: Room A


Karan Misra

Best Delegate | German Democratic Party (DDP)

Daniel Kahn

Outstanding Delegate | Social Democratic Party (SPD)

Allan Zhang

Honourable Mention | The Reichswehr (Army)


Weimar Republic Crisis: Room B


Ryan Cummins

Best Delegate | Communist Party of Germany (KPD)

Nikhil Bhansali

Outstanding Delegate | German Workers Party (DAP)

Liam Hutchin

Honourable Mention | German Democratic Party (DDP)

Palestinian Reunification

Khusro Mir

Best Delegate | Israel

Daniel Kahn

Outstanding Delegate | Palestinian NGO Network

Kevin Wang

Honourable Mention | Iran


Climate Change 2050: Committee for the Effective Management of Climate Refugees

Daniel Kahn

Best Delegate | Russia

Allan Kalashi Pour

Outstanding Delegate | United States

Karan Misra

Honourable Mention | Phillippines

Shaksham Bhatnagar

Best Position Paper | India

Climate Change 2050: Committee for the Sustainable Allocation of Resources

Jae Lee

Best Delegate | United States

Amir Alinaghian

Outstanding Delegate | International Energy Association (IEA)

Devina Lookman

Honourable Mention | ASEAN

Idrees Sarwar

Best Position Paper | France

Xyan Bhatnagar

Fossil Award | OPEC

Fall 2015

1: Reforming the International Financial Architecture and Its Systems

Max Zwarenstein

Best Delegate | South Korea

Yussef Ourchane

Best Delegate | South Korea

Mishkaat Kirmani

Outstanding Delegate | Colombia

Simon Van Hoeve

Honourable Mentions | Turkey

2: Global Demographic Development

Fei Wang

Best Delegate | Japan

Kevin Wang

Outstanding Delegate | Canada

Meha Chauhan

Honourable Mentions | Mexico

Simon van Hoeve

Best Position Paper | France

3: Anti-Corruption Council

Max Zwarenstein

Best Delegate | Denmark

Sebastian Meissner

Outstanding Delegate | Chad

Ana Krstanovic

Honourable Mentions | Colombia

Lufthi Mawarid

Best Position Paper | North Korea

Winter 2015

Worldwide Drug Consumption Special Committee

Jonathan Tsang

Best Delegate | China

Christabel Polacco

Outstanding Delegate | Guatemala

Srdan Durica

Honourable Mentions | Hungary

Dani Marcheva

Honourable Mentions | Austria

Specialized Committee: Cuban Missile Crisis

Vigne Sridharan

Best Delegate | German Democratic Republic

Lara Jeftic

Outstanding Delegate | Yugoslavia

Svetlana Boskovic

Honourable Mentions | Sweden