In-House #3 - Anti-Corruption Council


We're very excited to be hosting our final in-house conference this semester on the topic of Anti-Corruption Council, you can find the role assignments, schedule, committee guide, and rules of procedure right below.  The event dress code is business casual, and on top of the typical awards we will also be recognizing the Best Position Paper at the awards ceremony! We will also be giving out a UWMUN Gavel to the Best Delegate for this in-house.

In-House taking place Sunday, November 8th in RCH 3rd Floor.

To be eligible for the Best Position Paper award, Position Papers are due by Friday, November 6th at 11:59PM - Note it is highly recommended (borderline mandatory) that all those in external conference delegation teams (MUNC, NAMUN, McMUN, & HNMUN) submit a Position Paper as part of training.

Please note that if you haven't paid for UWMUN Membership ($20) yet you will have to at the in-house conference or you can choose to pay for just the in-house for ($15).

See you all soon, happy MUNing !

- UWMUN Executive Team

 Important Information


 Country Assignments (As of Nov 4th)

Abbas Safdari Belgium
Aidan Martella Cambodia
Ana Krstanovic Colombia
Andres Perez-Vilarino Cuba
Andrew Frith The Bahamas
Angela Zhao Norway
Anne Marie Hayman South Korea
Anurag Joshi Venezuela
Ashley Sent-Doux Portugal
Bhavjot Sandhu Peru
Chiao-Ann Tsai Qatar
Christie Wong Dominican Republic
Christopher Maduka Germany
Cindy Liu Japan
Courtney Brown Switzerland
Dasha Berezhnova Ukraine
Deniz Dogan Belarus
Dora Hu Yemen
Erin Fortier Somalia
Fei Wang Turkey
Filip Francetic Italy
Flora Tseng Indonesia
Gabriel Siu Romania
Gaurav Lath Vietnam
Guy Brodsky Guinea-Bissau
Hamza Yasin Chaudhry Brazil
Jack Forsyth Australia
Jacob Dawang U.S.A
Jonas Leblanc-Wilmink Nigeria
Jonathan Choo Poland
Jonathan Tsang Philippines
Joohee Choi Ecuador
Jotham Chow Iceland
Julia Mihalik-Liew Côte d´Ivoire
Kevin Wang Morocco
Kevin Na Haiti
Khusro Mir South Africa
Kirsten Dlugokecki Jamaica
Krishan Chawla Zambia
Kristina Mastelica India
Lara Jeftic Libya
Lorena Almaraz De La Garza Zimbabwe
Luthfi Mawarid North Korea
Maha Ali Khan Afghanistan
Maria Lao Angola
Mariam Kabli Flifli Bolivia
Matthew Moser Thailand
Max Zwarenstein Denmark
Meha Chauhan Egypt
Mia Papasideris Sudan
Mikolas Skilandziunas China
Milos Popovic Sierra Leone
Mishkaat Kirmani U.K
Mithula Selvaratnam Singapore
Muhammad Iqbal Luxembourg
Mustafa Ilunga Algeria
Nadine Thibeh Senegal
Nicolas Bedard Mexico
Noor Mirza Burundi
Ocean Chen Greece
Paul Masznicz Pakistan
Paula Sahyoun France
Rasdeep Shergill Sri Lanka
Reba Nauth Netherlands
Ryan Cummins Russia
Saad Ahmed Kuwait
Sebastian Meissner Chad
Simon van Hoeve Iraq
Siya Agarwal Canada
Srdan Durica Argentina
Sukhraaj Shergill Syria
Svetlana Boskovic Guatemala
Tashuka Shah DR. Congo
Tearney Johnston-Jones Finland
Thomas Lo Sweden
Yennyfer Buitrago Ethiopia
Yussef Ourchane South Sudan

 In-House Schedule

Location: RCH 3rd Floor.

Time Event
09:30-10:30 Registration
10:30-13:00 Commtitee Session
13:00-13:30 Lunch
13:30-17:00 Committee Session
17:00-17:15 Awards

 Message of the Week

 UWMG20 Registration for UW Delegates to participate as NGOs is open, make sure to register and be a part of the inaugural conference. Click here to find out more!