Committee 2

Reforming the International Finance Architecture and its System

Dear Delegates,

Welcome to the University of Waterloo model G20 conference 2015! My name is Richard Bent, but you can call me Rich. I am a Masters student at Waterloo studying political economy but more specifically international finance. It is my great pleasure to be your director for the special summit on political economy.  

Being from a Jamaican family, I have always had an interest in international finance and more specifically international institutions since the IMF was a major factor in planning the Jamaican economy after they received their independence in 1962. Originally my research interests focused on developing countries and their markets.  During my undergraduate studies I was part of a student run think tank called Democracy Lab at The University of Western Ontario that is organized by Dr. Peter Ferguson. The goal of the lab is to provide political risk analysis for potential investors. In doing so, I learned about international markets and institutions, different developmental states, international currency and the G20. Now in my Masters, I have expanded my research to monetary policy, politics of currency and other facets of international finance. I truly believe that this summit will help me reach the next level of understanding international finance and the G20 overall. 

Now that we are moving into a post crisis order, the next step is to develop new methods and practices that will cause the system to be more inclusive and risk adverse. This summit will be the perfect opportunity to discuss these themes. Now as a director, I cannot be more excited to welcome you again to the committee. I am thrilled to get to know you and hear your ideas. If you have any questions, inquiries or concerns please feel free to contact me.

See you in November!


Richard Bent