2021 UWMUN Executive Team

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Mehek Bhuyan 
With over four years of experience in Model UN, Mehek works to lead the executive team and organise the many elements that go into coordinating successful Model UN events. 

She's in her third year of Accounting and Financial Management and believes that even with the shift to the virtual platform, Model UN is a great opportunity for one to express their passion for global politics and issues, develop new skills, and expand their network!   


Donald Ng 

Donald is responsible for keeping our members updated on upcoming events and delegate assignments. He is also happy to answer any questions you may have! 

He is currently in his first year of Accounting and Financial Management and is motivated for 2021!


Sana Syed
Sana organizes internal operations, such as booking venues and communicating with WUSA. 

She is in her first year of Accounting and Financial Management and is excited to develop a network of new friends.   


Jelena Durica

As the Director of Public Outreach, Jelena helps advertise our Model UN events with custom art designs, assists with social media, and maintains this website! With the club being held online, it is important that everyone is still able to stay up to date with information and events virtually! 

She is in her first year of the Honours Arts program, studying Legal Studies. 


Sehaj Raj Singh

As Vice President, Sehaj assists the President in taking key decisions for the executive team, while simultaneously managing the conferences. He's been MUNing for the past 5 years and believes that the concept of Model UN helps foster an interest for global politics, world peace, and international issues. He aims to take the club at greater heights, together as a team. 


Mahati Sivaramakrishnan

Mahati ensures that she will maintain a healthy and sustainable budget for the MUN club. She will also keep proper track of the club's finances in terms of managing its membership fees and keeping the club's expenses within its threshold. Mahati is currently in her First year AFM program (1B).

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Raveen Dias

Raveen works to develop conferences for our members and training sessions for members to participate in and learn all about Model UN and the UN itself. 

He is in his first year of Honours Arts and Business majoring in Legal Studies. 


Cynthia Lai Kin
Cynthia looks out for (and updates our members on) external Model UN opportunities at other universities, and external online conferences (Harvard, Yale, Tunisia, Asia, Youth International MUN, and more). 

She believes that Model UN is a great platform for students to debate on global/current events, and to make new friends- even in a virtual setting!